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Are you opting to make a living as a freelancer? Confused about which gadgets are a must-have for you to enrich your career? 

Well, wait no more. 

Yes, today we will let you in on the 10 best gadgets for freelancers, which are a must-have to work flawlessly.

To add to it, we have also recommended gadgets that are valued for money and are widely used by others for making their freelancing journey worthwhile. See here How to Choose the Best Chairs for Freelancers

Ready? Make sure you have your credit card nearby because after seeing what we are about to show in this article, you will order a gadget or two to improve your freelancing skills.

Here we go……

1.Active Noise-Canceling Headphones 

Being a freelancer, you probably have to complete tasks in noisy locations besides your workspace at home, which could hamper the quality of your assigned task due to a lack of concentration, and you could end up delivering low-standard or delayed work to clients.

Whether you are a content writer, Youtuber, or programmer, the work must be done without distractions, and that’s why Active Noise Canceling headphones are a must-buy.

Why Should You Purchase Active Noise-Canceling Headphones?

The tiny microphones on the ear muffs pick up the noises around you and instantly create a a barrier so that it doesn’t reach your ears, as well as concentrating on picking up your voice and blocking out surrounding sounds.

You can control how much of your voice you want to hear during calls with the adjustable mouthpiece, which you can bring in front when talking.

The wireless headphones with rechargeable/disposable batteries make them more user-friendly as it is much easier to carry around.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the Product : 3M Pro-Protect + Gel Cushions Electronic Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Wireless Technology, NRR 26 dB 

Price: $72.95

Key Features:

The headphones come with premium gel cushions and canted ear cups to give you an extra comfortable fit as they are soft, preventing your ears from getting hurt. The adjustable headband allows you to wear the headphones however you wish.

The headphones are perfect for those who need to communicate for work-related issues as the background noise will be reduced, making hearing easier. 

As some of us still find it tough to cope with new technology, we can rest at peace now as the headphones come with ergonomically designed controls that quickly guide us on setting it up without much hassle.

1. High rate of noise reduction.
2. 40 hrs of usage time on the headphones.
3. Adjustable mouthpiece allows your voice to be heard clearly on the other end.
1. The weight of the ear muffs alongside the two batteries is 468g, which could be a bit heavy for the ears.
2. The rubbery top of the headphone tends to become hard.

Amazon customer rating: 4.6/5

AmazonLink: 3M-Pro-Protect-Electronic-Protector-Technology 

2. Laptop 

Your productivity and efficiency depend on the gadgets that are used when freelancing. And without the help of a laptop, life would be much more difficult. I mean, how would you start working? 

Whether it’s a high-configuration laptop or one that enables you to get your work done, it’s one of the best gadgets for freelancers to own. Most of all, unlike desktops, laptops are portable, so even if you are on vacation, you can still make your clients happy by delivering that urgent task.

Why Should You Purchase A Laptop?

First and foremost, you have the complete package in one gadget. The keyboard, mouse, and speakers are all built-in; hence no additional devices are required to be carried. And yes, as we mentioned earlier, a laptop’s primary advantage is its mobility. 

Freelancing requires constant access to the internet, which a laptop can easily acquire as you can browse the web through wireless technology with the help of a router or a modem.

You have the facility to work on presentations and documents even without internet access, as the offline features also give you access to Microsoft applications.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the brand: Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13″ Laptop 

Price $385.90

Key Features:

The 13.3 standing screen display has a resolution of 1920x 1080, making viewing comfortable, along with 10 hours of battery life, allowing you to complete all your work for the day. 

The laptop comes with a 64GB hard drive along with RAM ‎and 4 GB DDR4. Along with Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0, guaranteeing a fast and stable connection.

There is one Type-A USB port and two Type-C USB ports, along with an audio jack. Not to mention the built-in webcam makes it easier to communicate with others.

Most of all, the laptop is reasonably priced, slim, light, and portable, which is a plus point for freelancers.

1. Long-lasting battery life
2. Lightweight and easy to carry around 
3. Backlit keyboard
1.The screen gives a glossy effect which is a drawback for some writers.
2. The quality of the audio sound isn’t that good.

Amazon customer rating: 4.4/5

Amazon Link:Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 13″ Laptop

3. Tab 

Admit it or not, carrying a laptop can be pretty inconvenient at times, especially if you have to travel or have to be in crowded places. No matter what the situation is, you cannot compromise when meeting deadlines.

This is why owning a tab can be a lifesaver, as they are small in size and have most of the functions required to do your work. You can also immediately call or text your client regarding a particular issue you may face while carrying out a task when using a tab.

Or even do some quick research while traveling and save the link for your project, which you can proceed with on your laptop as soon as you reach home.

Why Should You Purchase A Tab?

Tabs can be considered mini laptops; although there are far fewer features in the gadget, it is just enough for you to get your work done. Plus, the thin, lightweight device makes carrying around easier.

You don’t have to go to the trouble of holding onto an extra bag to carry the tab, and it can be taken in your hand. Not to mention those who are freelance bloggers and Youtubers have the biggest advantage by purchasing a tab as they can make videos anywhere.

Freelancing requires internet connections at all times, and by operating a tab, you can get access to the net much faster when compared with a laptop. Another advantage is that you can work, listen to music and even answer calls on the same device.

Although it is much easier to work on a laptop, especially for writers, multiple tabs can be opened at a time. But it’s much more portable and easier to carry than a laptop.

Our Recommendation

Name of the Product: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 10.5” 64GB Android Tablet 

Price: $189

Key Features: 

The Galaxy Tab A8 has also been categorized as a cheaper alternative to iPad 8. The tab comes with a 10.5 inch,1920×1200 pixel display, allowing you to view more on the screen when operating in landscape mode.

The model comes with a headphone jack, 5-megapixel front cameras, and 8-megapixel back cameras, along with also has Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0, and optional LTE,

Tab A8 has 4GB memory with 28GB of storage and a micro SD card slot that supports cards up to 1 TB. Lastly, the 7,040-mAh battery allows you to work for a more extended period without having to charge the gadget 

1. Extended battery life prevents you from worrying about replacing the battery.
2. Fast charging.
3. External Micro SD slot.
1.The back camera is not ideal for taking pictures used for professional purposes.
2. The speakers tend to lose sound quality with increased volume.
3. Keeping too many tabs open simultaneously will slow down the performance.

Amazon customer rating: 4.6/ 5

Amazon Link: SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 10.5” 64GB Android Tablet

4.  Laptop Power Bank 

Being a freelancer, most of the time, you have to carry your laptop with you, but consequently, there is always that fear of your gadget running out of charge. No matter how upgraded or expensive, the device is obviously at some point the battery would drain out depending on your usage. 

Although you have your charger inside that laptop bag. But how will you charge it? Are there charging ports everywhere you go? How will you charge your device when traveling?

Well, we have the solution. Yes, one of the best gadgets for freelancers is a laptop power bank, which ensures that you do not have to worry about looking for sockets to charge your device 

Why Should You Purchase A Laptop Power Bank?

Although the power bank would be utterly useless without being charged, it still makes life much more manageable than carrying your laptop’s charger and saves you the energy of looking for charging ports.

The size of power banks is more or less the same as smartphones. You can slip it inside your pocket, ready for it to be used. And yes, this gadget is multifunctional, meaning you can charge your laptop, mobile phone, and even the Bluetooth headset.

Are laptop power banks expensive?  Surprisingly no! They are affordable and definitely an excellent deal as you can use them for many purposes. But yes, if you pay a higher price, the power bank will have more extended durability.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the product: ZMI PowerPack 2000

Price: $60

Key Features: 

ZMI 2000 PowerPack can charge laptops, notebooks, phones, Nintendo, etc. Also, with every purchase, you will receive a USB-C cable with a power bank which ensures fast charging for your laptop and other devices.

The two USB-A output ports and one USB-C output port supports fast charging for phones. You can also recharge the Powerpack with the help of the USB-C input port, where it only takes around 4 hours to recharge the gadget fully.

1.Fast charging 
2. Includes cables
1.Tends to heat up if used for a long time.
2. The power pack is a bit heavy to carry.

Amazon customer rating:4.5 /5

Amazon Link: ZMI USB PD Backup Battery & Hub for MacBook

5. Microphone 

Freelancers who are YouTubers, bloggers, and social media influencers are on top of the game at present. From what we have observed, the latest trend seems to be people making videos in the hope of their content going viral to earn a bit of fame.

Besides that, some people post videos that are helpful, motivating, and even educational. Nonetheless, the message to reach the audience must be heard loud and clear while making the video, which is possible with the help of a microphone.

Why Should You Purchase A. Microphone?

Just think about your client conducting a group meeting on Zoom, but none of you can hear the person. And at the same time, other people can’t listen to what you have to say because of the low sound quality on your device.

This is where microphones come in handy as one’s voice will be more prompt, making it easier for others to understand instructions to carry out freelancing tasks efficiently.

Moreover, microphones are an absolute necessity for those who make videos as a living. If your voice is not heard correctly, then you will lose viewers rapidly, which will harm your career.

Microphones are relatively reasonable in the market, but make sure you test them before purchase; otherwise, the investment will be a complete waste.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the product: Razer Seiren X USB Streaming Microphone


Key Features: 

The built-in background noise reduction helps to eliminate disturbing noises coming from a distance which helps to achieve professional-level audio when using the microphone.

The microphone gives out clear sounds without any echoes or bumps that may interrupt the audio.

1.Easy to set up.
2. Excellent product according to the price.
1.The mic picks up the keyboard clicks.
2. There is a problem with the wire as it keeps on disconnecting.

Amazon customer review: 4.5 /5

Amazon Link: Razer Seiren X USB Streaming Microphone 


Freelancing, in other words, means working from home. Sometimes, you may need to attend meetings with clients through video conferences or discuss a particular issue with people working on the same project as you, which can be done with the help of webcams.

Not only that, freelancers who are involved in video making, such as bloggers or YouTubers, will also find the webcam to be a handy gadget.

Why Should You Purchase A Webcam?

Just like a microphone, as we previously discussed, is an essential gadget for your home office setup, well, so is a webcam. I mean, the whole point of a video conference would be a waste if you can not see the people with whom you’re talking to.

At times freelancing requires brainstorming with the help of displaying objects or even writing on the whiteboard, which can be done effectively by using a webcam.

Although, yes, laptops do have built-in cameras, sadly, the picture quality is not at all commendable because of the limited space on laptops and thin screens.

The ultimate goal of live streamers and YouTubers is to get attention from public viewers. For that, they need to keep in mind that the picture quality must be top-notch, which can be achieved by the best gadget for freelancers, which is a webcam.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the product:Acer Full HD USB Streaming 2MP Webcam | 1080P HD |

Price: $34.99

Key Features: 

The webcam is definitely value for money when you consider the features you are getting at such a reasonable price. The gadget is light in weight and compact too.

The ACR010 has a flexible stand with a 2.5mm cable that hangs down from the left-hand side of the camera.

The image quality of videos and photos is commendable; to add to it, the 70° wide angle lens allows you to capture more in one frame. Not forgetting the low light performance on this gadget is a major plus point as it can capture important details of the darker parts in the image.

Regarding autofocus, the ACR010 sure knows how to lock an image instantly, unlike other devices that keep focusing in and out.

1.QHD resolution at an affordable price.
2. The images captured are colorful and bright.
3. Effective focus
1.The USB cable is located in an awkward position.
2. The stand is a bit difficult to set in the correct position.

Amazon customer review: 4.2/5

Amazon Link: Acer Full HD USB Streaming 2MP Webcam | 1080P HD 

7. Wifi Router 

If you are a freelancer and have a stable internet connection, then the world is your oyster! Do you know how salt is the core ingredient for cooking a meal? Just like that, a router is the core gadget for people working from home. 

I’m sure there are times when you get tired of sitting in front of the laptop and prefer to use your phone or tab to add the finishing touches. 

Well, it’s possible through a router, as the gadget shares a single internet connection with multiple devices. It would be a waste of money to use various devices for the internet to connect to each gadget you own.

Why Do You Need To Purchase A Router?

The most straightforward answer would be to use the internet unlimitedly on several devices. Just think, with one connection, you can scroll on your smartphone, carry out your freelancing on the laptop and also watch something on that Smart TV, all at the same time.

From looking for freelancing opportunities through online platforms such as Upwork to delivering work to clients, it’s all done using the internet. 

Although you can use a modem for the PC and mobile data on your phone,  at the end of the day, a router is the most sensible choice for working from home.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the product: ASUS AC1750 WiFi Router (RT-AC65) 

Price: $39.99

Key Features:

The AC1750 router’s MU-MIMO technology enables multiple devices to receive high-speed connections simultaneously. But you can always keep track of the usage and control the internet connection speed on each device by using the Internet Activity Dashboard.

The ASUS AiRadar Beamforming technology enables the increase of data speed and ensures a stable internet signal which makes downloading much easier.

By using the USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, you can transfer files with other connected devices that are within the same network—and not forgetting the four Ethernet ports, which can be used to connect to smart TVs, computers, game consoles, and more.

1.Easy to set up.
2. Gives good coverage up to a wide range with a stable connection.
3. The router has an app where you can change the settings.
1.The router heats up if overused.
2. The antennas are a bit tall/long and can be kept in small congested spaces.
3. The SSID cannot be hidden.

Amazon customer rating: 4.4 /5

Amazon Link: ASUS AC1750 WiFi Router (RT-AC65)Dual Band Wireless Internet Router

8. External Hard Drive 

The storage of files, videos, and information must not be done cautiously, especially for freelancers. Because you never know when you may need to refer back to a specific file to assist you on your new project hence all the documents must be stored using one of the best gadgets for freelancers, which is an external hard drive

Why? Mainly because you don’t have to worry about losing all your valuable files even if the PC crashes or gets stolen. And most of all, the hard disk is portable, so you can always keep it in your possession for safety purposes.

Why Should You Purchase An External Hard Drive?

Laptops and computers have limited storage space on the internal hard drive, which ranges from 250GB to 1TB. Although it sounds like a lot of space which is sufficient for casual users, if your laptop is used for work purposes, then it is highly recommended to purchase an external hard drive as you don’t have to worry about insufficient space.

What happens to all the data if your laptop gets stolen or the hard drive crashes? The obvious answer is that you will lose all your documents, which you put hours of hard work into. Purchase an external hard drive and save all the necessary files on it, then you do not have to live in constant fear of your work vanishing.

In the case of data sharing, external hard drives are a key player. You can always transfer files through cloud storage or e-mail, but there is a limit to the number of files that can be sent and received, plus it is time-consuming.

So when your client fixes a meeting with you in person to see all your work, take along that hard drive and transfer all the documents to their PC, no matter how big the files are.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the product: Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0

Price: $59.99

Key Features 

The Canvio Basics 2TB portable hard drive enables you to store large files and carry them with you. The gadget is compatible with Windows PC but requires reformatting for Mac computers which is very easy to do.

The hard disk can be connected through Bluetooth to devices such as PS4s, laptops, desktops, etc.

1.A great deal of storage at a reasonable price.
2. Easy to use as you have to plug it into your device.
1. It Takes a long time to export videos.
2. One of the cables is non-standard and very rare to find in the market if lost or damaged.

Amazon Review: 4.7 /5

Link: Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0

9. Lightning Desk Lamp 

I’m sure you are thinking about how a lightning desk lamp fits into the list of best gadgets for freelancers. It may sound hard to believe, but night owls who stay up to work need this particular device.

Although your laptop monitor does provide light, the level of brightness is kept at a moderate level to prevent your eyes from getting damaged. As a result, you may not be able to see the keyboard correctly, making it tough to type. 

Why Should You Purchase A Lighting Desk Lamp?

A lighting desk lamp is your savior, as all the light will be focused on your workplace, allowing you to concentrate more and increase productivity to meet all your deadlines.

Those who are freelance writers who have to read and type a lot should definitely invest some money in buying a lamp as sufficient light is required.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the Product: LED Desk Lamp, Consciot 12W Desk Light

Price: $20.69 

Key Features:

The lamp has 5 multiple lighting options (3000k- 5000k) and 7 different levels of brightness (10%-100%), which can all be changed on the touch control panel. The light is pleasant and sufficient and does not flicker to your eyes. Giving you complete comfort when reading or writing late at night.

The lamp has timers with two options, 30min/60min, after which it will turn off by itself according to the time set. There is a low profile Blue Glow light on the panel, which will aid you in finding the on/off button even when it’s dark.

The lamp saves you the hassle of getting up to charge your phone as it comes with a fast-charging USB port. Lastly, the light is adjustable, allowing you to tilt, twist or even bend it according to your requirement.

1.Slim design, bright and adjustable light perfect to place it anywhere across the house.
2. The timer is of great help for those who tend to fall asleep without switching off the lamp.
3. According to the price, the lamp has top-notch features.
1.The blue light indicator is too bright; hence the name should not be kept in bedrooms as it may disturb your sleep.
2. It does not support Apple USB cords.

3. The charger cord disconnects by itself at times.

Amazon customer rating: 4.7/5

Amazon Link: Conscious-Dimmable-Adjustable-Touch- Sensitive- Brightness

10. Portable Bluetooth Speakers 

Have the house all to yourself? Need to put your hair down for a bit and take your mind off all the pressure from clients?

Well, brew a big mug of coffee and listen to some soothing music on those portable Bluetooth speakers which can be carried all across the house.

Besides entertainment, the speakers can also be used to listen to Youtube videos, Or even voice instructions given by your clients via social media messaging 

Why Should You Purchase Portable Bluetooth Speakers? 

I mean, why shouldn’t you, right? The Bluetooth speakers are portable, small in size, and easy to carry here and there. You can listen to that recorded conversation nicely and loudly regarding instructions given by your clients.

Those freelancers who are involved in video making or maybe even doing voiceovers can play back what they recorded and hear themselves over the speakers.

Since the speakers are portable, there is no hassle of installing them. Last but not least, the starting price of this tiny little gadget is relatively low, depending on the brand.

Our Recommendation 

Name of the product: JBL GO2 – Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Price: $29.95

Key Features:

The ultra-compact 71.2 x 86.0 x 31.6 (mm) sized speakers have a 5-hour battery life and give out quite the sound for their size.

The biggest advantage is that this reasonably priced gadget comes with a speakerphone allowing you to activate your phone’s voice assistant. 

You can efficiently operate the speakers as all the controls are placed at the top of the gadget that, include the power, volume, and pairing button.

1. Water resistance allows you to take a shower and listen to music at the same time.
2. Available in 12 different colors.
3. The sound is unbelievably loud, considering that the speakers are small in size.
1. The battery life is short.
2. When listening to music, you may be unable to grip much of the bass.

Amazon customer rating: 4.7/ 5

Amazon Link: JBL GO2 – Waterproof Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Black


Freelancing doesn’t mean sitting at home, relaxing, and working at your own pace. It’s much more difficult than working outside as you have to set up your whole office at home.

Nonetheless, we hope the 10 best gadgets for freelancers that we mentioned do assist you in deciding whether it would be a good option to purchase these according to your field of work.

And you may have noticed that we have recommended Amazon products that are priced reasonably. Well, we thought that since you are starting your freelancing career or will be trying out a gadget for the first time, it’s best to go for one that is priced slightly low but provides good quality. 

Anyway, before signing off, we want to advise you to check out the customer reviews and ratings before you purchase any gadget.

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