The Art of B2B Networking: How to Get Potential Leads through Strategic Connections

Leads are expensive when you try ads or any form of paid campaign. It’s getting fun when it becomes free. $120k (currently I’m making) a year isn’t a lot of money, but in a third-world country, it’s more than enough. So, you can just use the principle and apply it to yourself, because I spend zero dollars on paid ads.

All my leads come through my strategic connections

Where can I find potential leads?

Anywhere.  If you find a group of people who are interested in your niche, you’re all set. The real question is: where can you find them?

Ans: Social media

What is the best way to attract leads?

Producing content by AI and posting it on LinkedIn isn’t going to get you a single slice of cake, mark my words. Why? Because there is an abundance of fantastic content in my newsfeed demanding attention. I’d prefer to read something that has a real voice.

Let’s say your content is not detailed or big enough, maybe it’s just a few lines but it should reflect your own voice.  

You need a little bit of knowledge of the psychology behind human behavior. If you do, you know how to attract them. 

Look at the screenshot. I tested some random posts in a public group to see how they engage. One generated 68 comments, and another got 97 comments.

Just a random post could attract your ideal people to start a conversation. 

You need a deep understanding of your own industry before you go B2B networking.

How do you generate potential leads for free?

It’s free, but not entirely free. I mean, you invest time and value, but it’s worth it. I can mention the top 5 platforms that, in my opinion, are 100% free to help you acquire potential leads.

1.Facebook  2. Instagram 3.Linkedin 4.Twitter 5.Reddit

Pro tip: Just focus only one platform 

  • Find a corner where you can play the best of yourself
  • Create content from your own experience 
  • Help the community with trusted and valid information
  • Try to be involved with the community all the time
  • Note all the real problems and come up with solutions
  • Connect at least 10 new people every day

Next Step: Try to add value as much as you can. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. Just ask valid questions that can attract them to ask you more questions and begin conversations. I don’t recommend you go to their inbox. You can still ask valid questions in the comments and make the conversation longer.

This way   you’re getting into their mind (Psychologically)

You add value, you ask questions, you give feedback and you become trusted in your network by the way. (Day by day)

Let’s say you have only 2000 connections; that’s 100% of your pure target audience. Just imagine you’re talking to them every day and you’re someone they can trust.

This is how you build your B2B network and acquire potential leads.

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