Build b2b Network: How to find potential clients?

Clients are everywhere, but you shouldn’t search for them everywhere. As a human being, you don’t have that much power to be active on every platform. If you try to leverage every single one, then you’re just wasting your energy.

How to build a b2b network?

Ever wonder how businesses connect with other businesses? That’s what B2B networking is all about! It’s like making friends for your company, and strong friendships can lead to more sales and growth.

For B2B, you need to figure out a few basic things before wasting your energy on a platform and ending up with a big fail.

I’m getting all my clients from my b2b network (personal social connections), and my business is generating six figures a year. I’m working hard to hit seven figures. From a third-world country, making six figures in US dollars isn’t that easy. But I’m 1000% sure I will crack the code and hit seven figures as soon as I can.

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How to find potential clients?

The reason I’m telling you this is that I’m getting all these sales through only my network. It’s all from social media alone. I’ve never used any cold outreach strategies, nor have I used any paid campaigns.

Then how am I getting potential clients? It’s only from social media.

What’s the social media platform? Well, before you consider a social media platform, you need to consider two major things first.

1. The platform should have enough people in the same industry

2. People communicating there through groups, communities or somehow they doing it

LinkedIn, Reddit, and Twitter all fit those criteria. Therefore, depending on your niche, Instagram could be a perfect fit for you.

My universal recommendation is to focus on just one platform and keep grinding it. You might be surprised by the amount of leads/clients it can generate. You can also check out my LinkedIn profile, I’ve shared a lot of posts on this topic.

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