Location page optimization for local SEO Template

Location page optimization for local SEO Template

Are You Missing These City Page Hacks? To make your business easier to find online, it’s essential to optimize your location pages. These pages tell people where you are and what you offer. But very often I see people doing this wrong when it comes to location pages.

Let’s say you have 10 location pages and you just using the same content on all the pages over and over again by changing the location names in the content body. There’s no problem with that, but actually, you’re missing a lot of potential there.

Here are the 4 Step-by-Step Guide to City Page Optimization for local SEO:

Instead of writing the same repetitive content on the location/additional pages, follow these instructions to get the maximum advantage.

Bullet point your service names:

I think you already have service pages, but on the city pages, use a list of your service names. Highlight all the services as a list. If it’s just a few, like 3 or 4 services only, you can simply add a short description for each service, though.

Highlight the popular places:

Shopping malls, nearby neighborhoods, lakes, and parks. Relate them to the location and create driving directions. It’s really fantastic. I will create a video on this topic to show the exact method that we’re using with our clients.

Mention your PR links:

Do you have PR links? If not, you should try at least once to feature your business in the PR. Still, if you don’t have PR links, you can also use any of the local connections like the local charity or any local event that you participated in or sponsored. Need PR links for an instant boost? Contact abdraaz.com

Mention related businesses:

I’m not suggesting promoting your competitors, though. Choose related businesses but in different industries. Let’s say your client is a roofer, you can easily relate a pressure washing/gutter cleaning service.

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You don’t need super long content. Just a mix of a touch-up of all the above I have explained. AI can’t produce this kind of specific content with local detailing, and that makes your content always super unique.

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