How to grow your limo business

How to grow your limo business without Paid Ads ?

This is a very straightforward article there Im gonna share some realistic strategies to grow your limo business organically. 

I have clients in the limo industry and a large connection to the limo drivers. 

I did a lot of audits of hundreds of limo business websites and their marketing strategy. 

Some people in the Limo industry have no idea about organic marketing and some are just wasting money on the wrong strategies. 

When I audit their websites 99% time I see they have been following the wrong strategies that bring them no business. 

An example audit report see here

So, today I’m writing this post to share the strategy to get regular corporate clients for your limo business. 

Not only corporate clients but any clients that you want.

How to get Corporate clients for Limo Business?

Well, I asked the same question to the community. I got some comments and there I explained about keywords.

I then felt most of the business owners has no idea about proper keyword research. 

I mean,  how to choose the perfect keywords for a limo business

How to focus them 

What should be the content marketing

How to optimize the keywords

How to find the keywords 


Look at this screenshot

I replied with a comment and suggested doing proper keyword research and ranking their business on Google Maps, then someone just asked me about the keywords.

His question seems clearly he has no idea about keyword research.

Then I just replied:

“Keywords are based on your service names. Choose at least 3 keywords for each service page, use those keywords on the main title, and h titles with modified keywords. This is how you indicate Google and the algorithm understand the page content and the search intent.

See the screenshots, these are example keywords, I just put the one main keyword for “Corporate limo” service with a location name.

This is not the only way, you have Google business profile insights, google search console suggestions, and Google search box suggestions and there are different tools to analyze the keywords such as Semrush.

So, if you just write a title and h title and there’s no proper keyword then you cant rank that page. So, you have to use appropriate keywords in order to rank a particular page.

So, along with all the main keywords, you should analyze all the question-type keywords. Search with main keywords and see the Google PAA (people also ask) option. list all the questions and write answers, so use the Google suggested questions + main keywords mix-up.

Add the FAQs to the service pages, blog posts, and on the GMB faqs, and gmb posts.

That means you have to pick the keywords that people use to search on Google.

If you do everything correctly and choose the wrong keywords you cant rank on the top or neither drive any traffic to your website though.

Let’s come to the point:

How to grow your Limousine business and get clients without paying for Ads

Just look at this

Nearly 46% of all Google searches are seeking local information and 86% of consumers use Google Maps to find their way to a local business.

That means these are all highly targeted customers. 

You just have to rank your business in front of them and game over.

I’m not going to make it more complicated, here are just a few steps to optimize your Google business profile and website to rank on top of the Google map and Google organic results.

1. Keyword analysis: Do proper keyword research, and don’t forget to check top competitors in your city. If they hold positions for some keywords very strongly, then it will take a little longer to outrank them. So continue your strategy on those keywords and at the same time you have to find the related keywords that are easy to rank and get customers. 

2. Keywords for specific pages:  Set at least 3 keywords for each service page. One should be the main keyword and others should be modified keywords.  Example: let’s say  “Corporate limo” is your main keyword, then you should pick a couple of more like “Executive limo in Chicago” and “Corporate Limo near me” 

3. Optimize all the pages:  Every single page on your website should be optimized. Focus the keywords on titles, h titles, in the content body, meta titles, and descriptions. Every single page should have internal and external links. 

4. Fix all the technical errors: 99% website has errors and even there are LCP errors. If your website has LCP errors and speed issues you lose traffic and you should immediately fix all those errors to continue driving traffic. Here’s my other article on How to optimize and fix the LCP errors on your website

5. NAP Consistency:  If you have citations, or brand profiles that were created before and you changed the number and your business address, all the previous citations should be edited with 100% accurate information. Otherwise, it confuses the algorithm. 

6. Backlinks: Do link building with consistency. Citations, brand profiles,  and need regular backlinks from authority websites.  Backlink is the number one method that can increase trustworthiness and organic ranking. 

9. Daily routine: You should follow a specific template/plan for your business daily basis.  I mean we audit our client’s website and create a template for their business and apply that over the months and track the movements.  Website optimization, Google business profile optimization, content creation, link building, link indexing, reputation management, and many other things included.  So, without a proper plan that suits your business, you can’t do better in organic marketing.  

So I recommend consulting with a professional is the best idea. In our marketing company, Abd Raaz Digital we always offer free audits and feedback. 

Without Paid Ads how to get regular customers for your Limo Business?

Well, follow all the steps that I explained above. Here are a few, more steps that explain better:

  1. Pick a number of keywords
  2. Optimize the website and Google business profile
  3. Do backlinks + content marketing
  4. Track all the keywords and how they move
  5. Fix all the errors and keep optimizing
  6. Create regular posts on your Google business profile
  7. Get reviews from your customers
  8. Reply to every single review on your Google business profile
  9. Start posting on at least 2 social media (Instagram and Facebook page is recommended)
  10. Participate in Local Events and Sponsorships
  11. Offer Special Packages and Discounts

By optimizing for local SEO, and nurturing customer relationships, you can create a steady stream of loyal clients who will keep coming back for your luxurious limo services.

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