tips to get more freelance clients

10 Tips to get more Freelance clients

In this post, I’m going to share some solid methods that could 100% help you to get more and more freelance clients.

I planned to write only for people who need the exact information. And I always avoid adding a lot of information to make you more confused.

So, as a freelancer, I know you always seeking ways that could make you more money. Read How to Get Potential Leads and get regular clients.

Look at the screenshot. I took the screenshot in January 2023. There are last 12 months earning that I collected from Upwork direct contract alone.

And I made more around $30k and collected through another payment gateway.

If you follow me on Quora I shared a bunch of posts there with my earning statements.

In 2019 I made $11k in the whole year

In 2020 I made $30,000 in the whole year

In 2021 I made $85,000 in the whole year

In 2022 I made $120,000+ in the whole year

What helped me to get sales like that?

Well, I’m going to share those methods with you guys in today’s post. Keep reading.

Step 1: You have to understand the market you’re trying to dominate. Research the market, analyze the competition and think about yourself.

Are you really passionate about the topic that you wanted to be an expert?

If yes, then choose only one topic at a time.

Remember: Do not choose something that you know someone is making decent money with that niche. Rather you should pick a topic/niche that you’re confident enough, and the topic should be easy for you.

You could make millions of dollars in sales with a simple skill that you feel easy, but you cant make anything with a skill that you properly do not understand or do not feel confident about.

Step 2: Practice, practice, and repeat. When you achieved some skill in it, now try to learn some soft skills before you start selling. Read 10 Soft Skills You Should Learn

I mainly suggest sales, marketing, and communication is the main side skill that you must learn along with your main skill.

Also, you can read and learn more with my ebooks

Step 3: If you have enough skill in the field that you wanted to dominate, then if you have some knowledge on sales, marketing, and communication, I think this is the time to start selling your services and make money.

10 effective ways to get more freelance clients

1. Marketplace: I know I always demotivate people to not depend on the marketplace. But that doesn’t mean you don’t go to the marketplaces.

Marketplace has a lot of potential clients though. You know last year I got a new client from Fiverr they ordered for $280 only and then I take them out of the marketplace and they still paying me $2000 – $2500 per month direct.

So just imagine, you have to take advantage of the marketplaces. Read: 10 Best Freelance Websites For Beginners

2. Networking: This is the best and most recommended way to build your business 0 – millions. Yes, if you know how effective is building a network for your business, you would start work from today to build the network first.

Psychologically people don’t like to buy something from strangers. When you offer something to a stranger, they will refuse to buy it.

But what if you become a well-known person in your industry? Then most of the people will buy things from you without any hesitation, right?

This is how human psychology works. Do the networking, share knowledge, and try to engage them as much as you can.

3. Tell a story: Every day tell stories to your network. It could be case studies, your experience with a new client, success orders, or anything that delights your people.

Don’t hesitate to offer your services with every single story.

4. Social media: In the above no.2 I said to do networking, so where should you do that? The answer is social media. You have to find the best social media for your business. Do not choose more than 2 social networks at a time.

So, analyze the best social network in your field and start connecting people in the same industry. Im sure you will get a lot of potential clients from there.

5. Create your own website: Creating a website is not more than $30. Why aren’t you representing your business more seriously? If you have a website, people things that you’re more serious about your business. It creates your own brand.

Anything you do with your network, people often try to find your website and discover your services.

If they do not get anything, you lose them. Read How To Start Your Own Freelance Website?

6. Facebook Groups: Fb groups are a really hot place to get more and more serious people ready to buy your services. Just join the related groups in your niche and start talking with them. (do not spam)

7. Subreddit: Follow the same principle as fb groups. You know Reddit is a very professional platform, spammers cant stay for long there. So thats an advantage of Reddit. If you can contribute professionally to the subreddits, then Im sure you will get a lot of potential clients from reddit.

Im getting regular new prospective clients from Reddit. That’s awesome.

8. Forums: Another hot place is forums. People don’t talk much about forums, but you know, if you search on google, find industry-related forums and start talking there, Im sure there you will find lots of connections, and prospective clients to show your skills.

9. Secret groups: These days people often use WhatsApp groups, Telegram groups, and Discord servers as secret groups. Just google and find the best groups, servers, or communities to participate. There’s no secret or strategy. Just join, add value to the community, engage people and share knowledge and grow your network.

10. Podcast: Searching the best way to find clients for freelancing? This is a cool strategy that BIG guys are using. If you have something amazing that you believe many people will attract if you share, then I recommend hiring a YouTuber or celebrity in your industry and sharing your story. I cant believe, that one podcast could bring you a lot of business though.

I shared 10 different ways to generate more clients. As a note, I would recommend you again, dont do these all at the same time. Find the best methods that work with you and do that perfectly. I wish you all the best.

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