Best Methods to get payment from your direct clients

4 Best Methods to send/receive money for Freelancers

Do you have clients that directly pay you outside of the marketplace? Or do you just need a method to receive money from your clients without giving the commission to the marketplaces like Upwork?

Then this is the best article for you.

These are the best methods that you can use if you’re not in the USA.

4 Best Methods to get payment from your direct clients

1. Wise: Transferwise is now Wise. You can just create an account on wise and start getting payments through Wise. You can add 50+ currencies to receive payment through wise.

Some amazing features on Wise:

  • You can receive money even if you don’t have an account on wise. Just share your bank account with the buyer he/she can directly send you the payment by using your bank information.
  • It’s super fast. They claim it’s taking 3-5 days but in reality, it’s way faster. You will get it within a few minutes or a maximum of 24 hours most of the time.
  • You can send on your own local account or someone else’s account.

Note: They (Wise) required a deposit to open your bank account in the different currencies under the wise account. But don’t worry you can still get paid on your Wise account without the deposit. The deposits only help you to get a bank account to use.

Create an account on Wise

2. Xoom: Xoom is a super fast solution. If you’re outside the USA and need to get paid directly from your clients, Xoom is one of the best methods. They claim it takes 3-5 business days, but actually I tested with xoom and most of the time I received payment within a few seconds.

Some amazing features on Xoom:

  • Xoom is a PayPal service. So clients can trust easily
  • You dont need any account on Xoom to get paid
  • Clients can pay directly from their Paypal account

Payoneer: Payoneer is the most popular and well-known method. Im not recommending Payoneer if you already have other methods. Because Payoneer sometimes holds money without any reason. And I felt hassle when my clients tried to pay me and failed. The client cannot use their personal information to pay you through Payoneer. They need business information to send a payment. This is another downfall to Payoneer.

But still, Payoneer is one of the best methods to get paid directly from clients.

Some amazing features on Payoneer:

  • The client can send money without a Payoneer account
  • You can use the bank accounts under your Payoneer account
  • For most marketplaces, Payoneer is the number method to get paid

Create a Payoneer account

Upwork Direct Contract: This is one of the greatest solutions. Last year I received $94,000+ alone through Upwork direct contract. Its super fast and easy for clients to pay you. The Upwork direct contract is designed to get paid from clients that pay you directly or outside of the marketplace.

That means, you just need an Upwork account and you can open the option direct contract > put your client’s email > get a link > send the link to the client > get paid. (look at the screenshot, just click here to find the option)

Upwork direct contract

Some amazing features on Upwork Direct Contract:

  • Your clients can pay you direct and instant
  • Clients do not need an Upwork account
  • Upwork even not asks them to create an account
  • Its takes only a few seconds to pay you
  • Clients feel so easy with it
  • You can withdraw instant from Upwork
  • If the client has an existing Upwork account, then ask them to send you a different email that’s not associated with any Upwork account.

Note: Sometimes some bad clients can open a dispute to refund the money. Even after years, they can apply for a refund.

And that time, Upwork can’t help you much. Upwork will cut the money from your existing balance and give them back. They will tell you, we can stop someone to get return their money back through the bank. If you have strong evidence, Upwork will use that to defend you.

The problem is, Upwork first cut the money from your account and takes 90 days to wait for the bank. If the bank releases the money then Upwork will release it. So this is bad

I used almost all the methods and I personally prefer Wise. So, if you would love to get paid without any kind of hassle then Wise is the best option for you. Create a Wise account from here

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