Can you make a living from freelance work?

Can you make a living from freelance work?

Its a very common question people ask often. How much do you need per month or year to make a living type of income?  It depends on the person.

If I tell you about mine, I’m making a decent amount and my freelance business increasing better than in previous years.

2020 I made $30,000

In 2021 I made $85,000

2022 I made $120,000

Screenshot from Upwork earning certificate  (last 12 months)

This is how Im growing, and I believe i will hit millions of dollars in near future. 

So, Im comfortable with that amount. 

If you think that’s enough for you too, then yes,  you can make a living from Freelance work. 

Is it possible to make a full-time income from freelancing?

Yes, possible. As I explained above its very much possible. 

When I started, I was alone and it wasnt so easy. But then I started making as little as I managed to convince clients and a few hundred bucks. 

Currently, Im making $10k + per month.  

To make a full-time income from freelancing,  you have to come up with a strong skill set and a proper plan. 

The field is competitive,  so you can’t stay long without proper planning. 

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How can you make a living with a freelance career?

Step 1:  Research the market, and topics and give it  a few weeks to months to decide. 

Step 2:  Start learning and practicing the specific topic and try to be a master on that topic.  

(remember, always try to choose only one topic to become an expert)

Step 3: Don’t wait to become a pro first, rather start working when you have some basic knowledge and try to improve your skills. 

Start as a virtual assistant and work on single items to understand how things work. 

Example: let’s say you’re trying to be an expert on WordPress,  now when you’re learning,  I know you can’t take the responsibility to take an entire project.

So, work for someone who has projects and needs virtual assistants,  maybe they will ask you to edit things, add posts, optimize the speeds etc stuff. 

Do this type of work and prepare yourself. 

At the same time,  do your own projects too. 

I believe you will learn real quick with this combination of practicing. 

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And finally, when you believe that now you can take the responsibility to make someone happy with a decent WordPress website, you should go ahead and offer your own services to the clients.



If you can make one client happy, I think you can make 10 people happy too. 

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