Solve Your Shopify Sales Problems [3 Significant Reasons]

Solve Your Shopify Sales Problems [3 Significant Reasons]

In this post, I will discuss a few things that if you could fix, you can generate more sales organically on your Shopify store.

I’m reading a lot of posts on Reddit’s dropship, Shopify, and e-commerce community.

I see a very common problem is organic traffic.

There are many people who claim that they have e-commerce and dropshipping websites with Shopify. Thye getting enough traffic but a very less number of sales or almost no sales.

Furthermore, I have a lot of connections in e-commerce and always read their problems all the time. However, I have some clients in e-commerce too.

Every day, I’m talking to people in e-commerce and auditing lots of websites.

I personally audited a lot of Shopify stores and realized the same thing.

There are 3 Significant reasons you have to figure out on your Shopify store:

1: You’re targeting the wrong audience:

Most of the time you claim that you know your customers, I agree you know well your customers. But you did something wrong with your website. It’s not enough to know your customers, it’s also important to know how they searching and how you have to represent your products in front of them.


Start with your products. Figure out how many keywords you focused on a particular product.

Let’s say you have 3 keywords for one product. Analyze all those keywords with Semrush and see: Dose your competitors rank on the same keywords?

Are they getting sales with the same keywords? Is there better and buyer intent keywords?

Answer all those questions.

If the competitors are ranking and getting sales for the same keywords that means you have problems with other stuff that you could figure out after reading the full post.

Or if there are more better keywords that buyer intent, commercial, and more easier to rank, then pick them and focus on your title and descriptions, and FAQs.

2: Not checking the competitors:

You must check things that makes your competitor better in front of your customers. Check their pricing, their offer, the layout, their color type, etc.

Check them and compare to your shop and ask, why a customer buy from you rather than your competitors.


Always keep an eye on the top sellers and try to figure out why they’re getting sales though. Maintain a competitive price, and provide better offers than your competitors.

Figure our their main sales channel, list all of their keywords, and focus on them to improve your store. If they have their own audience, you should try to build your own audience.

If they ranking for keywords, consult with a professional and create your own strategy to outrank their keywords.

You always don’t need to outrank your competitors, because, for every single topic there are so many different keywords, so if they’re ranking for the keyword “X” you still have a chance to rank for the keyword “Y”

Listen to your customer’s feedback. Solve all the problems they complain about and try to be more involved with your customers though.

3. Website’s user experience:

It sounds generic, but let’s focus on the product first. Does your product title unique, keyword-focused, or short? I saw a lot of websites and their products.

A little bit of effort could bring a massive change to your sales graph.

When you just generated the titles through software that really isn’t ready for the search engine.

Also, the same with the description.

You added a description on the first day you listed the product and never looked back. Just name your product name on the Semrush and you will see plenty of keywords even it will show you informative keywords, commercials or how esy or hard to work with a particular keyword.

So, always try to pick easy keywords when it comes to organic traffic.

Get at least 3 keywords per product and blend them in the description. This one practice can change your organic traffic graphs in the next couple of weeks, note this today. Thank me later.


Example title:

Your title: “EAST MOON Men’s natural gentle facial treatment for Men Shaving Soap beard soap natural facial treatment for Men’s beard” (Sounds terrible)

Optimized title: “EAST MOON shaving soap natural facial treatment for men’s beard”

Brand + keywords (Brand “East Moos” + Keywords “shaving soap” “natural facial treatment” )

So, we got 2 keywords with the brand on the title at the same time the title is shorter than the previous one.

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This is exactly what I saw on a website yesterday.

“Also, do not just imagine the keywords, you should analyze the keywords with SEMrush or ahrefs”

Check your website with a mobile device and also check your competitor’s site too. See which one looks better and is easy to browse. Color branding, layouts, and everything should be nicer.

Also, review plays a big role on the website. Its increases trust and authority. Showcase your real reviews on your website, so a user could easily trust you.

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Let me know if you have any questions.

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